The Abbey Street Music philosophy

Have you ever felt that strumming a guitar or a hitting a drum felt right?

There could be a good reason for that! All human cultures throughout the world play a form of music, and as a species we've been doing it for a very long time - the oldest instruments date back to over 40,000 years ago. Science has shown that playing a musical instrument plays an important role in how our brains develop, not only in hearing and eye/hand coordination but also in mathematical skills, overall IQ and academic achievement. There's also evidence to suggest that learning music accelerates and enhances development of language and reading through the cognitive capabilities of the brain.

At Abbey Street Music, we place emphasis not on the playing and enjoyment of music, but how it actually works.  At the heart of music making are systems that can be learnt by anyone, and there’s an instrument that’s right for everyone, at every level. Abbey Street Music has classes for guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice and can structure a personalised lesson plan to suit you.


What we teach at Abbey Street


The guitar has been around for at least 800 years, and for good reason - it's portable, covers a wide harmonic and melodic range and allows you to start to make music almost instantly. Whether you're a gentle strummer or want to shred with the best, Abbey Street can get you going - you'll be picking out a simple melody and strumming your first chord in the first lesson.


Although related to the guitar, bass takes a different approach, providing a rhythmic and melodic bridge between guitar and drums. Abbey Street can give you the low-down on the bass guitar and how to develop correct technique, establish groove and feel and bring out surprising melodic qualities from this very versatile instrument.


Drums are perhaps the most primal instrument of all and a sense of rhythm is innate to humans - our hearts beat in time and our feet step out a steady one-two rhythm every day. Abbey Street can show you how to get your limbs co-ordinating and get that groove-a-happening - you'll be surprised how quickly you'll be playing.


The modern keyboard we know today has developed over hundreds of years, the culmination of an approach developed since the days of Bach. The beauty of any keyboard is that notes are already laid out in front of you. Abbey Street provides fundamental techniques for learning any keyboard instrument with a step-by-step approach introducing notes, chords, rhythm and melody.


To sing is to be human: we've done it since the dawn of time, in caves and bathrooms throughout the world! Singing is the expression of one's inner self and to sing with others the connection with your fellow human. Abbey Street can give you insight into how to develop and get the most out of your voice, and importantly learn how to harmonise and blend with others.

Music theory

All instrumental lessons are taught in conjunction with music theory, so you'll never be in the dark about the notes you're playing and how they work. Western harmony is fundamental to our instrumental teaching, but we also address the use of modes, blues notes and look into music of other cultures throughout the world.

Our teachers

Peter Long

Tubby Wadsworth

Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and voice teacher

Peter Long is a performing musician, vocalist, sound engineer, composer and graphic artist, and teaches guitar and bass guitar, drums, voice and introductory piano at Abbey Street. He performs regularly as vocalist and guitarist for local bands Paper Sun and The Winstons and  sings with the Spooky Men’s Chorale. Peter has album credits as a producer and engineer, composer and graphic artist and organises and promotes music events in the Blue Mountains region. Peter holds a Bachelor in Music (Honours) from Western Sydney University and has recently completed a doctorate in popular music and imagery.

Drums and percussion teacher

Tubby is masterful drummer and highly experienced and respected educator. His

passion for drumming started after witnessing local Scottish drumming parades at a young age, subsequently signing up for rudimental drum tuition from his local youth club and winning three state snare drum championships. He went on to drum for successful Australian independent acts Massappeal, Killing Time/Mantissa and the Fester Fanatics. Tubby's approach to drumming is the promotion of kit-applied rudiments and he appears regularly as an educator, conducting workshops throughout Australian schools and retail environments.

What our students have said

Methodical & sympathetic

"I would highly recommend Abbey Street Music and Peter Long to anyone considering musical tuition, for themselves or for their children. My young teenage son has been learning guitar from Peter for 2 years and I could not be happier with the progress he has made. Peter’s style is methodical and sympathetic to the individual, plus he has a wealth of musical knowledge and experience which he uses to guide and inspire his students. My son always looks forward to his lessons as do I, as I love to watch how well he learns in the environment Peter has created. Can’t thank you enough Peter!"  

Robyne Dunn

- singer/songwriter

Responsive approach

"Peter is a talented musician who has a breadth of knowledge and experience to share with and inspire students on their musical journey. I appreciate Peter's personable, informal style and responsive approach to music tuition and highly recommend him as a teacher" 

Kylie Mott - singer


"I've had a few terms of guitar tuition from Peter Long... When I wanted to work on a particular song, he always researched the material prior to my class. His manner is easy & approachable"

Ken Bromilow - guitar student

Understandable music theory

Samual Toppo

- guitar student

"I would highly recommend Peter Long's Abbey Street Music for any aspiring musicians who are wanting to improve in any aspect of music. I started out with very limited knowledge of music theory, Pete has taught me the basic outlines of music theory in a understandable way. Which has now years later improved me as a guitar player and all the theory behind it" 

"Pete the teacher is friendly, kind and he does his job very professionally. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to learn music from the best" 

Kasia Toppo

- guitar student's mum

Maybe it's time?

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